Solid Edge ST10 Students edition license



I am having problems with the use of SolidEdge ST10 Students Edition.

It requires a license and I have no idea what to do since I saw that it is free for active students.

If someone else have the same problem or someone knows what to do please give me an advice.

Thank for your help in advance.


Betreff: Solid Edge ST10 Students edition license

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Hi @Student95




AFAIK the acedemic license is included in the installation package and will be copied into the appropriate directory during installation.


Maybe YOu had not enough rights to copy it (always start an installation as administrator, "RMB run as admin") or You had an old and/or corrupt installation image.


I would suggest to download the ST10 with MP3 image (approx. 2 weeks old) and run the installation again.