Two Separate Assemblies

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I have two assemblies into one. To create added memory, I would like to separate the two and put then in two different files. I tried to highlight each part no go. Any thoughts!


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Re: Two Separate Assemblies

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Not sure this is going to yeild the result you're hoping already have the two assemblies [commonly refered to as "sub-assemblies"]....and assuming they're different.


The actual assembly file doesn't take up much space on a PC, as the component [par, psm] files themselves are where the physical size is carried.....assembly is just a "configuration" [a viewport, if you will] of those files.

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Re: Two Separate Assemblies

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You might consider using the Transfer command.


It will allow you to move specific parts and sub-assemblies to a new (original) assembly structure.

Re: Two Separate Assemblies


Greg, I would work on simplifying or remodeling the geometry/elements you have if you're having RAM issues even with the very high end BOXX setup you're working with. From what I've seen, your models have a lot of splinter elements and unnecessary geometry that is repeated dozens to hundreds of times and really bogs down the software.

-Dylan Gondyke