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I installed Solid Edge ST6 with an academic license code on my laptop. This machine is a little bit old. I would like to install the software on my desktop PC, which is more powerful than my laptop. Can I use this license on both machines or not? Both machines are connected to the internet, so I think that a problem will occur with the licensing step when I will install the software on my desktop PC.


Thank You for the answers.


Re: Using academic license on more PCs

SeanCresswell 2nd Gear
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Hi there,


This is fine to do...the idea is that Solid Edge is licensed to you, and you may have it on as many PC's as you like, that are used by you.


PS: If you currently have an older computer, and the new one happens to be running 64bit version of Windows, you should consider upgrading your install to ST7 anyway.

NOTE: files are not backwards compatible, so if you need to share files with other students on ST6, then don't do the upgrade just yet.

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