how to transform solid body into surface?

I have a model of car body represented as a solid body in SE ST6. Now I need it to be transformed into surface which will be used in ANSYS.
That must be a zero-thickness surface( solutions like making it a thinwall body are not proper ones)
important thing: that model of car body does not have its pathfinder(no tree) as it opened from Parasolid extension.
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Re: how to transform solid body into surface?

Ok . I ve managed do it by myself. If there were anybody struggling this problem, he/she should do it like this:
1. Use command copy located in surfacing/surface
2. select all faces of car body except for one (If you select all faces, you will make surface that closed and program will automatically generate a solid body out of it ). That was my problem, i think the program should ask you if you want to have closed surface or solid body. In this particular problem the program is half-baked for me.
3.finish that command and repeat it for that one you havent previously selected.
4. click one by one RMB on these 2 "copy" features, select "drop parents"
5. Delete the solid body that was base for these new surfaces.
Now you have solid-to-surface transformation done!

Re: how to transform solid body into surface?

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I'm assuming you copied the faces in Ordered mode as it autocreates a solid. I copied them in Synch mode, and they remain just surfaces...


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