Go FAST, or go home.



I was only able to spend about 4 hours working on this, and can't imagine how much folks can kick out that do this full time. I've still not learned how to do decals, so I improvise. I cut the flames out of the body, cut the whitewall out of the wheel, and cut the sides out of the rear body for the wood panel. I put a bead in the firewall, and then patterened some louvers. Had I had more time, I would have replaced the engine with a modern V-8 model that I have. I tried to cut door outlines, to give a more realistic look, but couldn't get it to work in the short breaks I worked on this.


Looking forward to what other creative folks have to share. And, I always look forward to that extra hour when I get to play with KeyShot!


The decals are part of the material. A little obscure. Check out this video


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 @BoatTech Great job for just dabbling. I am very tempted to vote for your's because the materials and all are so good. The one thing that is a downside (advice for next time) is you need to put it in a "scene" by using a backdrop. This is super easy to do and goes 1000% farther in faking the eye into believing it's real. 


Keep it up. Nice job!