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Calling all Presenters!

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SEU16 Call for Presenters

Tell us your Story  (and get free admission!)

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Solid Edge University is the forum for connecting with the community and sharing experiences with peers around ways to improve productivity.


We invite you to share your unique perspectives and experiences with the community, by presenting at this year’s event. Simply put, if you’re willing to share your answers to three or more of the following questions, you should consider speaking.


  • How do you use Solid Edge in your work?
  • What particular features of Solid Edge make it especially attractive for your company?
  • How has Solid Edge helped you to achieve your design and/or business goals?
  • What was your experience like before using Solid Edge and what is it like now?
  • What experiences have you had that might help someone else be successful?

We’ve found everyone has a great story to tell, and we encourage you to consider submitting an abstract today.


In thanks for sharing your experience with the community, your registration for Solid Edge University will be complimentary!



John Gaioni
Global Marketing Manager
Solid Edge & Femap