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New Speaker Announced!


Ryan M. Spoering, Ph.DRyan M. Spoering, Ph.D

Ryan M. Spoering, Ph.D. of Lab Machinist Solutions. Dr. Spoering is a chemist with a 10 year teaching career and a lifelong passion for metalworking, design and repair of all kinds of machines and instruments. He is also a Solid Edge ST8 Certified Professional. We're honored to have Dr. Spoering joining us!

John Gaioni
Global Marketing Manager
Solid Edge & Femap
Re: New Speaker Announced!
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Ryan is a great speaker and has a different perspective on design as his background is in chemistry rather than mechanical engineering - he is also a great example of how leveraging 3D CAD can have a big impact on a hardware start-up organization - I am looking forward to Ryan's presentation!

{David Chadwick}, {Solid Edge Global Product Marketing}, {Siemens PLM Software}

Re: New Speaker Announced!

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it!



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