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Boat motor

by Visionary on ‎07-15-2017 02:07 PM - last edited 3 weeks ago

My name is Konrad Hejberger. In June 2017, I finished my engineering studies in the Bészédes József MMIK high school. During the four years spent there, I have gained a lot of experience in all fields of engineering, including various CAD (Solid Edge) jobs. I tried to learn the program as hard as possible so I did not only do my homework, but if I had the opportunity, I also called my own projects for competitions.

I live in a small village in Adorján (Serbia) near the Tisza, many years ago with my dad we often went fishing to the river. The boat engine was very helpful to us on the relatively fast flowing river. Without the boat motor, we could have pulled the paddles for hours, that we can reach the shore. Last but not least, all my work so far has been decided to model the boat engine below, which was a great help for us on the river. By this work I will associate to my past (the most beautiful experiences of my childhood), my future (I'm going to be a mechanical engineer) with my current life. I would like to show this to myself and to everyone that I am here, and I have learned this in high school years.

It was not a down rush, though, that making a CAD model for a boat engine was a big challenge for me. For the assembly, I had to add 445 parts, of which 245 were different. I did it in just 8 weeks! In my calculations, I spent 400 hours - but it was worth it!

After finishing the Solid Edge models, I rendered them in Keyshot to pictures (attachments), made one YouTube video, and one poster.


UPDATE: On July 26, I received the notice that from September onwards I can learn in Hungary. I will continue to study at the GAMF Faculty of the Neumann János University in Kecskemét as a mechanical engineer, for this I needed 280 points, but I surpassed to get it by 409 points.
As well as being a part of this, I am part of dual training at Linamar company in Orosháza. The company's reputation is based on precision machining of metal gears and powertrain products for the automotive industry. However, Linamar's expertise, systems and experience are far beyond the automotive industry.
I am very excited about the upcoming events, but I know that with enough perseverance, everything will succeed.

Saját poszter - angol-min.png