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by Dreamer on ‎09-03-2016 09:18 AM

Greetings, my name is Akos Molnar. I finished my secondary studies at Beszédes József MMIK in Kanjiža, Serbia. I've learned a lot of things about modelling machines in CAD programs, mostly in Solid Edge, during my education.

As my final work in the secondary school I chose a chainsaw. This machine has about 720 parts according to the internal combustion engine. I had to disassemble the machine in real life and draw all of the parts one by one. After the drawing the most challenging part I had to face, the assembly. It was quite difficult to find the right connection, the "harmony" between these number of parts.

Speaking of which, the model was made and I graduated successfully. Some rendered pictures were taken in KeyShot, attached bellow.