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GT Turbo Unloaded

by Dreamer on ‎04-22-2016 08:50 PM

The development of a redesigned variable turbine turbo charger. This turbo charger would most likely be seen on an automobile but similar turbos are also found on boats and airplanes. I chose a variable turbine turbo because it does include more parts and design aspects than other models. This type of turbo includes moving veins that alter the airflow around the turbine to create a more even and efficient exhaust flow into the turbo. I also included a wastegate, this controls boost pressure by releasing excess exhaust gas bypassing the turbine to reduce over-heating and compression. 

           Some of my favorite parts to construct were the compressor and exhaust housings and the compressor turbine. I also thoroughly enjoyed designing the variable vein feature. The snail-shaped housings were drafted using two circles of different diameter on planes with slight difference in angles. These circles were swept together as they were normal to a larger circle connecting the two. These were hollowed using the same technique with a sweep cutout. Extrusions and ribs construct necessary detail.The compressor turbine included slight complication, but allowed a learning experience. Starting with a circular disk with a cylindrical protrusion in its center, I sketched a thin closed curve on the disk from the center. I then sketched a curve in the opposite direction on the plane normal to the disk, starting in the bottom, center of the cylinder. I was able to perform a parallel sweep that created the first blade. That blade was patterned, and a revolve cutout achieved the desired shape.

TurboRender7(Grade This One).jpg

           My name is Jake McClellan, I attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville.