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Hitachi 3D Bass Super Woofer

by Dreamer 3 weeks ago


Giving an iconic design new life.


This is a shell of one of the old hitachi boom boxes from the 80's.

It can run off batteries or the mains, the former leading to the iconic image of youths walking around with these speakers slung over one shoulder blasting out the latest tunes. 


I modelled and rendered this image in NX 10, creating my own decals in photoshop, even the radio band display had to be custom made to be accurate to the true design. The detail dosn't stop there, fine details such as the tape spools, button dimples, and tuner dial grip are true to life.


Institution: Loughborough university

Degree: Sport TechnologyMy Image (compressed)My Image (compressed)Close up (compressed)Close up (compressed)A view form up top (compressed)A view form up top (compressed)The productThe product

by Experimenter
3 weeks ago

 Just the job! I had a late 90's Pansonic copy, six d-sized lumps and it was just the job on a sunny day!

by Dreamer
3 weeks ago
yeah, ive taken mine to a field party before! a shame the batteries run out