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Mazda MX5 Hydraulic Handbrake Design for Motorsport

by Dreamer on ‎07-11-2017 06:15 AM

Completed Model with Mazda MX5 in the backgroundCompleted Model with Mazda MX5 in the backgroundHandbrake CylinderHandbrake CylinderHandbrake Handle and SurfaceHandbrake Handle and SurfaceCompleted ModelCompleted Model

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Exploded View.PNGSection View (Cylinder Top).PNGExploded View (Dimetric View).PNGPhysical Properties.png

As a part of my degree at Ulster University we had a Computer Aided Engineering module in year four.  We were able to pick our own design to re-create in CAD.  I am a huge Motorsport fan and compete in some forms of Motorsport myself, come September I am also attending Cranfield University to complete a MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering.  For these reasons I chose to design and model the hydraulic handbrake system for my Mazda MX5 Rally and Autotest Car.  This is different to the standard hydraulic handbrake set-ups and was therefore newly designed by myself for the MX5.


I set out by measuring parts of the physical components in order to make a accurate representation in CAD.  Various methods were utilised such as, sheet metal design for the brackets, surfacing for the ergonomic handbrake handle and to get the curvature of the gearbox tunnel.  Standard parts were used for the bolts and nuts to join these parts.  Part modelling was also used in many cases to design the handbrake cylinder, using various create-part-in-place functions in order to match the new part to the recesses etc in the current parts.  Various modelling functions could then be used to display the completed model to viewers, such as cut away views and exploded views etc.  Animation was also used to demonstrate the movement, extents of movements and the intended use of the system.  


My degree at Ulster University was a BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with DPP.  I have recently graduated with a first class honours and a distinction in professional practice.  My time at Ulster University was enjoyable and I have learnt a lot that will carry with me during my career.  Thanks must go out to all that have helped me get this far.