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Octagonal Pocket Watch using Solid Edge-May Winner

by Dreamer on ‎05-01-2017 11:48 PM - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager Community Manager

     I created the model using Solid Edge, rendered using Keyshot.  I modeled the moving parts first, in the order of their movement:  starting with the windup key, then progressing to the brass gear and coil on the left, then to the brass gears at the bottom, then to the silver wheel on the right and the purple coil beneath it, saving the hands until I created the face.  I then began the assembly, using it to determine the size of the casing, and basing the mounting back (which can only slightly be seen in the picture) entirely on the positions of the gears.

     The image is from above.  All parts are showing, so some of the detail of the gears is obscured by the casing, but the case has enough open space that the inner workings are still mostly visible.


Pocket Watch RenderPocket Watch Render


     I am a first-year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Huntsville in Alabama.  This assembly is my final project for a CAD design course focused the Solid Edge ordered environment, "MAE 211: Intro to Computational Tools."

by Community Manager Community Manager
2 weeks ago

Congratulations Audrey for winning our contest for the month of May! I will contact by separate email with yoru certificate and prize distribution.