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Retractable Foot Scooter

by Dreamer ‎05-30-2016 03:00 PM - edited ‎05-30-2016 03:02 PM

My name is Callum Bradley, and I currently study MEng Mechanical Engineering at the Ulster Univeristy in Jordanstown, Northern Ireland. 


For a design project, that allowed me to incorporate motion and animation, I used my personal foot scooter, where I reverse-engineered its design, and incorporated my own ideas to generate the finished article as shown. I used many Solid Edge features to include protrusion, sweep, loft, sheet metal and surfacing to include sweep, blue surf tool and stitching to create parts, such as the foot brake. The swept feature in surface modelling was also utilised for creating the torsion spring for the foot brake. 


With the scooter assembly complete, where the handle bars can be raised and lowered, along with the scooter being capable of folding up, KeyShot Render was used to create the life-like image as seen attached. Appropriate materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel and various plastics were applied to each part with the environment and background adjusted accordingly.