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The aircraft air-to-air-September Winner

by Visionary on ‎09-02-2016 07:25 AM - edited

My name is Denis, I am studying at the National Aerospace University "HAI", specialties of rocket and space complexes. This paper would like fashin the full range of course design. Your attention is available aircraft class "air-air". Rocket R-24 сompleted the normal aerodynamic scheme with destabilizers located on homing housing. The missile can be equipped with semi-active radar homing (R-24R) or heat (R-24T). The size and position destabilizers are selected depending on the type of GOS thus to maintain constant torque characteristics of a rocket.
The most noticeable external difference between the new missiles on the P-23 was the use of forward-swept wings with the back edge. Changed and interior layout, the number of sections was reduced from 8 to 5. The first compartment has traditionally been a seeker. Rod warhead with a blast radius of 10 m and a slam-actuator is moved into the third compartment.Air-Air MissileAir-Air MissileAir-Air Missile 2Air-Air Missile 2

Solid engine PRD-287 forms a fourth compartment. The engine has an increased work time, provides greater range and flight speed of up to M = 3.5. engine igniterengine igniterRocket engine solid fuelRocket engine solid fuel

In the fifth compartment around the flue elongated nozzle unit housed gas generators providing power steering gears.The engine nozzleThe engine nozzle

The wing has a trapezoidal form in plan and with sharpened edges of the front and rear sides. Linked wing body consists of extruded sheets made of alloy AK-4 and connected thereto duralumin sheet. The stamped sheet has internal cavity to facilitate the weight of the wing. From the installation of the wing in the housing placed seven pins, which pass through the slot. The said channel input profile, raspolozhen¬ny on the engine and wing studs pass through slots curly profile.WingWing

Steering compartment is a metal housing made of aluminum alloy. The front and rear of the chassis has screw holes which connect the steering compartment with adjacent compartments (engine and tail fairing). Tail fairing consists of a hollow cylindrical fairing and proper sealing ring. The fairing pressed four nuts that are screwed in the screws that connect the steering compartment fairing. In front of the steering compartment at the bottom of the hatch is located, close lid, and employee access to a plug socket. The connector is mounted inside the housing on the bracket and is designed for electrical communication apparatus, placed inside the compartment with the missile units.
Inside the compartment is placed the base, which establishes four pillars with bearings. It supports the axles are mounted earrings gas drives the rudders. At the rear of the base of four node detent wheel mounted and secured four legs. Each support is mounted on a ring attached bolt and serves for installation in her booster rocket. A lever connected through the shaft with the support, is connected via rollers (the puck) with a fork steering rod drive gas. Thus, any movement of the gas actuator stem (with razarretirovannom wheel) rotates the support and mounted on her wheel. The direction of the deviation of each of the four ru¬ley during ground inspections of functioning missile equipment is controlled by the inscriptions applied on the body compartment, front (on the fly) each support. Shafts arretirnym detent device consisting (for each shaft) of the piston and spring. Arretirnoe device is fixed with two screws. Moving the piston and out of the shaft groove occurs when entering the gas nozzle in the collector channel.
 The compartment is designed to control the aircraft during the flight, due to the supply of hot gas under pressure to the control units. Compartment consists of two main blocks: the collector and steering.Kinematics controls 2.jpgCompartment with rudders.jpgKinematics controls.jpg

Compartment rudder controlCompartment rudder controlCompartment rudder control 3Compartment rudder control 3

Compartment rudder controlCompartment rudder control

The principle of operation of the collector compartment is as follows. As a result, the electric ignition pirosvechey mechanical discharger begins burning fuel charge in gas generators.
Since the gas generators hot gas under high pressure, with filtration of fine and coarse particles is supplied to the charge collector, in which it is reduced from eight channels into one. The collector of the gas distributor, reducers, high and low pressure of the system supplying hot gases to the servos.compartment gas generatorscompartment gas generators

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Congratulations Denys! You have been selected as the September student design contest.





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Great news. Thank you so much.