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Student Design Contest

About the Student Design Contest

The Siemens PLM Software Student Design Contest gives you global recognition for all your hard work. Impress your friends, teachers and future employers.

View past winners of the Student Design Contest. All designs were created using Siemens PLM Software solutions.

Prizes and certificates will be awarded monthly for the best student design based on a combination of votes and by our panel of judges. Review the judging criteria on the right.

You know your designs are great, show the world. Entry is easy.


Tips on Submitting an Entry

1. Provide a unique title. Have fun and be creative.
2. Provide a description of your image. You may include how you designed the object.
3. Don't forget to tell us about your academic institution! University or 4 year college, technical college, high school are a few good selections.
4. Using the "insert photo" option, embed your image in the body of the post.
5. Attached the image that meets the criteria to the right.
6. On the right, please select the software that was most used to create this image under "Labels".

Select SUBMIT and you're finished!

You may share your entry with your family and friends. Just remember, in order to vote, you must be a registered member of the Siemens PLM Community.

Image Requirements:

  • 12” x 9” landscape (304.8mm x 228.6mm) with 3,600 x 2,700 pixels (or 300 DPI)
  • If there is a logo, the logo should be an intrinsic part of the image, for example, appearing exactly as it does on the physical product. If the image is not an actual product and a logo is used, the logo should appear to be an intrinsic part of the visual. Entries containing logos may be pulled at the discretion of judges. If the entry is the result of a collaborative project with a company or contains a company logo, the company must also give permission for the image to be used.

Judging Criteria

Images will be judged by industry professionals who will consider the following:

  • Overall dramatic impact/aesthetics of image
  • How much the image represents maximum usage of Siemens PLM Software products
  • Complexity and innovation of image
  • Image clarity/high-quality resolution

Selection of images and awarding of prizes are at the discretion of Siemens PLM Software

How to Enter

To be considered a valid entry, submit a new entry with an image created using one of Siemens PLM Software products. To submit additional images, please submit a new entry. Please note that we may contact you if any questions about a submitted image arise. We will use the private messaging function of the Siemens PLM Community to inform individuals and/or companies regarding the program results. Please be sure this information is represented correctly.


All entries are subject to the End-User Terms of Service for the Community site.