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Amesim reacts slow




I am using Amesim v15 (full license) on Win7. The problem is sometimes when I start Amesim it reacts to everything i click slow (like a 4 or 5 seconds delay). I do not know if it is coincidence but if i disconnect my LAN connection after some seconds Amesim starts working as usual, but if I connect my LAN again it start reacting slow.

I am not talking about simulation performance. 

I do not know what kind of problem this is. Is it my PC? Is that LAN connection correlated? Sometimes it has worked connected through the LAN.

Right now if I want to use amesim I disconnect my LAN but I cannot continue like that.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Amesim reacts slow

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi AC1,

 that sounds strange and is uncommon. I advise you contact the Global Technical Access Center (GTAC)

This way someone can diagnose the issue properly (license setup, anti-virus, firewal...).