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Filling the pipe




Hello, colleagues!

This time I am trying to fill the pipe with a lot of orifices.

I give pressure at 1.4 sec, and take the flow (it is constant) from other end of supply pipe (red pipe).

At time 1.6 sec I open inlet and it starts filling the pipe (blue line on chart, blue pipe in the model).

Filling goes well up to the moment when pressure in supply pipe and filling pipe become equal (oval with “?” on graph). It takes about 15 seconds of CPU time.

And then calculation does not give any result for an hour. I have tried to reduce/increase the tolerance, different solvers, and error estimators. Nothing did help.      

What could it be? What can help me to reach the end of the modeling?


And one more thing. While filling it compresses air in the pipe. According to T1/T2=(V1/V2)^(n-1) its temperature grows from 40C to 239C. How can I get temperature from the model?


Re: Filling the pipe

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Vitalii,

Difficult to answer... The best is that you join your local technical support.

Some tips: I see you are applying both a flow (the constant flow source) as well as a pressure. The pressure source, is linked to a T-junction, then it will create an additional flow in the circuit. Is it what you want? Or do you want to impose a constant flow at the inlet of the system at a variable pressure?