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I need help to make induction motor


Hello, everyone.

I'm trying to make an induction motor model.
I have a datasheet and performance curve(I attached the pdf file).
However, it is quite difficult to make the performance curve.
You can see the slope on the torque curve(in dotted ellipse).
I tried to put hundreds of values on the parameters but couldn't make it.
I use the demo model - Example 5: Induction machine characteristics.




Re: I need help to make induction motor

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter


the induction machine model from this demo is quite simple and cannot be predictive for every speed of the machine.

Depending on your need, it can be better to fit the right hand part of the characteristic because it is where the machine operating point is set in a close loop configuration. Indeed for low slip, the model you use can be good enough.

However if you want to be predictive for a startup in open loop, having a good characteristic prediction for every speed is important and this model cannot do this precisely. Especially for low speed (your dotted ellipse), the slip is high and complex phenomena like eddy currents and non uniform current density in the conductor bars cannot be represented easily. It requires models with more detailed modeling of the rotor (2 cage models) that will not be available with the student edition unfortunatelly.

Hope it helps