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Python - EnumEditor



I am trying to make a model flexible by adapting all my gp directly from a specific caliber.

I want to make the choose of the caliber by an app, which  ask directly the caliber from an enum editor.


Once I have this parameter I can go ahead and set all the gp directly with python.

This is how I want to handle this


Now I am already stucked by reading the caliber given in the enum editor.

I gave 3 items: 16 / 25 /32



I thought it was easy to set my parameter such like:


ng_parameter= self.my_enum_editor.getValue()


But I can't find the right way to do the job.

I am looking in the AdvancedCustomizedParameterizationApp.ame

But because of my poor python level (actually 0),  it is not successfull


Thanks for any tip




Re: Python - EnumEditor

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Max,


The enumeration widget is close to a combobox. If you need help, you should look at Qt QComboBox class documentation.


You have then to properties available.

  • currentIndex: which returns an integer (number of the selectect item)
  • currentText: which returns the selected text

You can try this in your code

ng_parameter = self.my_enum_editor.currentIndex()

You will probably need for your code to update itself when you interact with your GUI.

=> use the connect  method


self.my_enum_editor = QComboBox()
self.my_enum_editor.addItems(['16', '25', '32'])

def my_update_function(self, index) :
    print index
    print self.my_enum_editor.currentIndex()
    # both methods should print the same results


This should help you.


Best regards,




Re: Python - EnumEditor

Thank you for your reply.
Something went wrong yesterday as I was trying to post this thread.
I couldn't post anything, so I asked directly the support.
Now I have 2 solutions.
Thank you