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Simulating DC-Engine




I am working on a project for a mechanical simulation. In this simulation an electric motor shall move a lever to activate a clutch and so on. My problem is that there are only mechanical elements to create torque, power or rotary speed. But in my simulation I need a solution to display a very simple DC-motor by using a torque over rotary speed graph, which I have given, e.g. in datasheets. The engine has to produce a torque at a defined rotary speed.

I know that there a complex models for DC and other electric engines, but these are way bigger to implement than my project.


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Re: Simulating DC-Engine

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter
Hi Stl,

Try using the tabulated machine component in the electric motors and drives library. Submodels are EMDTMF01 and EMDTMF03. The later applies losses (efficiencies) to the model if you have that data as well. Hope this helps.


Brian Benoy

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Brian Benoy, 1-D Application Engineer, Siemens PLM Software

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Re: Simulating DC-Engine

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Siemens Phenom

Hi stl,


Welcome to the forum.


You can try following approach:

Amesim torque map model


The dynamic table model will contain your torque [Nm] function of rotary velocity [rpm].

If you have different units, implement them with signal gains at the input/output of the table.


The Torque source is reading the velocity of the load and feeds it in the table which will output the torque.






Re: Simulating DC-Engine


Thanks a lot for your help