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Transforming rotary to linear move by hypocycloid drive


Dear Members,


I am begginer user of LMS AmeSim. 

In software is included demo of 3 piston high pressure fuel pump (way to it: Solutions>Automotive>Powertrain>Engine>FuelSystem>CommonRail).

In this case, the cam is used to force the piston to move. I would like to replace it with a hypocycloid mechanism, whose work looks like this:Hypocycloid simple animation.gif
This picture should be interpreted as pair of mechanical gear which transforms rotary to linear move. The common point moves on linear way.


In Library doesnt existy any solutions which i can realised this case. 
Do you have any tips how i should intepreted it ? 


Input parameters which i want use are:

angular velocity, 



Output parameters:

Displacement of common point,

velocity of common point,

acceleration of common point.


All Best !