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Weird SL2AMECOSIM error


I am trying to use SL2AMECOSIM and I'm running into a problem about which I can't find any information.

I'm using MATLAB R2016 64-bits. Compiler is set to Visual C++ 64-bit on both matlab and amesim.


I tried with a very simple model to see if the problem would go away, but amesim still fails to simulate with the same error.


simulink.PNGsanitized simulink modelsolver.PNGsolver settings


I compile the model with sl2amecosim('relay','C:\AMETest\libsl2ame','auto') , everything seems to complete fine with no error: "====> SL2AMECOSIM CODE GENERATION FOR MODEL DESPERATE FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY."


I import this in an amesim model:


failed.PNGsimulation fails

Warning/Error: Load of imported Simulink model failed.
4 Warning/Error (from submodel DESPERATE instance 1): Fatal error in DESPERATE instance 1.
5 Warning/Error: Terminating the program.
6 Warning/Error: Initialization failed.
7 Information: LMS Amesim model DESPCASD initialization failed.


The "since the model has no state variable..." warning doesn't seem to be related; i've added some dummy components to make it go away, it goes away but the "load of simulink model" failed error persists.


Please help.


Re: Weird SL2AMECOSIM error

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @DELJ, which version of Amesim are you using?

Re: Weird SL2AMECOSIM error



Version 15. Thanks.

Re: Weird SL2AMECOSIM error

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi, something is not clear to me, what is the name of your Simulink model exactly (with the right case).


Re: Weird SL2AMECOSIM error


OK, I have figured it out.


For anyone wondering:

the 'Simulink model path' parameter generated by amesim is wrong. It generated this string: ./C:\AMETest\libsl2ame/lib/win32


Remove the ./ and it works.


I have also tested with another computer that has amesim 15 (32-bit visual c++ compiler) and matlab r2015 32-bit, and the same problem occurs.