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amesim 2D vehicle with 2 wheels or axles


Hi everyone,
can someone explain to me why has Amesim created 2 submodels called TR2DVEH01A and TR2DVEH01B that correspond to the same thing? They are both 2D, so I can always consider my vehicle like a 2D vehicle with 2 wheels. I can't evaluate the roll DOF anyway, so why permitting to use a model with 4 wheels? The road, suspensions, tires must be the same for each axle?



Re: amesim 2D vehicle with 2 wheels or axles

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Barile91,


TR2DVEH01A is a 1D vehicle - translation vehicle which can be driven front and/or rear.

TR2DVEH01B is a 2D vehicle - on top of the above it can pitch front/rear around its CoG and it includes a mount port for the engine.


You must be using Amesim 14.x, in Amesim 15.x TRVEH01B becomes TR3DCARB01 which can then be 2D or 3D and it could also roll.