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I have a thermal-hydraulic model with a constant temperature input and a sinusoidal pressure input varying between 80 and 120mmHg. When I try to run it, I get an error, "No bridge from domains 'geometrical distance' to 'hyd/pneu pressure & bulk modulus' Fatal error in UNCONV0 instance 7."


Could you please help me understand the reason for the error?


Thanks in advance


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Siemens Genius



the error you get is caused by the component UCONV0 of the signal library that converts units of measurement. According to the error message, it seems that you are trying to operate a conversion between two different physical domains, which of course is not feasible. In particular, it appears that the component was set to convert a geometrical distance to a pressure (e.g. mm to bar).

Could you please check that the units of measurement set in UCONV0 are consistent?





Re: error with

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Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi ameswimmer,


The unit conversion mechanism is case sensitive, and "mmHg" is a registered unit. It should normally work.

Did you insert a space between "mm" and "Hg" ? In this case, only "mm" seems to have been taken into account, and considered as a "geometrical distance".

The unit must be written in a single word, with uppercase 'H'.