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log file in AMESim


Hello ,


I am new to AMESim, i have used varies FEA software for my previous work, where i can see a log file and error file. It gives complete history of our work as well as any issue in the work. In AMESim also can we see those type of file for any error debugging. 


Sorry for the simple question.


It will be helpful for me.




Re: log file in AMESim

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello @SriniS,


welcome to the forum!


In Amesim you get a log with errors/warnings when you run a Simulation.

With a standard installation, this log window will pop-up as soon as there is a warning.


It's available in Simulation mode next to where you launch simulations, you can click on some messages and see where they come from:



If you're new to Amesim I strongly encourage you to take the time to follow the tutorials that are provided in the tutorial manual.


Open Amehelp (with F1) and navigate here: