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Get introduced to the LMS Imagine.Lab 15 release

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Community Manager

We are proud to introduce to you LMS Imagine.Lab 15. Predictive engineering analytics is at the heart of our offer, and 1D simulation supports you throughout all your entire development cycle to reach your innovation and eco-efficiency goals. Over the last 18 months, we focused on delivering easy-to-use tools and improved libraries and solution to make your development cycle shorter.

Want to know why LMS Imagine.Lab 15 is the next MBSE enabler? Read this! 

 Enhance your workflow efficiency to make faster decisions

Convinced that an intuitive environment will foster your workflow efficiency, we brought major improvements in our platform attributes, like:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) job submission and monitoring
  • On-the-fly alignment of components in the sketch
  • Automatic completion in expression fields
  • Model upgrade with a dedicated assistant
  • Easier way to plot batch variants
  • Batch support for Bode, Black-Nichols, Nyquist plots
  • Radar charts creation in apps (spider chart / webmap)
  • Horizontal and stacked bar charts creation in apps

 Select components to align or distribute and choose a rule from the menuSelect components to align or distribute and choose a rule from the menu

Use this App as a starter of your python code to display spider graphUse this App as a starter of your python code to display spider graph

Optimize development workflow with software interoperability

Interoperability and openness are key to streamline the simulation process. With this in mind, we complemented the link of our LMS Imagine.Lab platform to the CAE/CAD world with:

  • CAD import for automatic LMS Amesim sketch generation
  • Unified FMI workflow with 2.0 support and real-timpe compatibility
  • Fully automated process for importing Modelica models
  • Co-simulation capabilities with Flux® and JMAG-RT


Integration of a 3D sketch to 1D simulation modelIntegration of a 3D sketch to 1D simulation model

Meet industries specific requirements

We are continuously working hand in hand with our customers from various industries to identify your engineering challenges and be able to fine-tune our offers to every single need. That’s why, the multi-domain attributes in LMS Imagine.Lab 15 have been extended to enhance your modeling capacities, and here are some samples of the updates and improvements.


Accelerating design of energy-efficient vehicles

  • Hybrid vehicle optimization tool (HOT) for architecture analysis
  • Driver models for Real Driving Emissions (RDE)
  • Demos for permanent magnet synchronous motor model reduction from FEM methodology
  • Battery datasheet import tool
  • Manual air path definition for the pressure mode in HEAT library
  • Graphical interface for geometry setting of dual core heat exchanger component
  • User defined external masks and automatically generated internal masks
  • Engine mount design assistant
  • Gear shift map designer
  • Demos for torque vectoring, K&C designer & Mc Pherson

Dual core heat exchangerDual core heat exchanger 

Making “virtual integrated aircraft” a reality

  • New flap valve component with liquid and gas flows
  • New aircraft attitude source
  • Line model dealing with fuel and gas
  • Electro-hydraulic actuator (EHA) parameterization tool
  • Solar photo-voltaic cell/panel
  • Real-time compatibility of the Electrical Aircraft library
  • Flight mission submodel with up to 99 flight phases, as a function of time
  • New body submodel with variable mass and inertia for better assessment of longitudinal flight and flight dynamics performance

Rendering of fuel volume, liquid and gas flows, and linear accelerationsRendering of fuel volume, liquid and gas flows, and linear accelerations


Inertia variationInertia variation

Mass variationMass variation


Balancing industrial machinery and heavy equipment attributes



  • Additional functional models of hydraulic control valves
  • Pump/motor submodels with external drain
  • Controls for variable displacement pumps
  • User defined external masks and automatically generated internal masks
  • Hydraulic actuators integration in chassis


Pump/motor with external drainPump/motor with external drain

Hydraulic actuactors integration in chassis, pick and carry craneHydraulic actuactors integration in chassis, pick and carry crane

The next MBSE enabler for empowering systems engineering teams

We are fully aware of how complex engineering organizations are. And how MBSE is crucial to manage this complexity and deliver quality products. With LMS Imagine.Lab System Synthesis 15, we provide you with a completely redesigned workflow to support cross-platform simulation projects, to define your company own modeling standards and to perfectly integrate with system engineering processes. LMS Imagine.Lab Sysdm 15 also integrates very useful features that will definitely help you customize simulation data management to your own needs. 

LMS Imagine.Lab System Synthesis (available in 15.0.1)

    • Completely redesigned workflow
    • Definition of toolbox for simulation engineer activities
    • Creation of projects
    • Reinforcement of structured approach
    • Concurrent engineering framework
    • Connection to PLM (Teamcenter)

A completely redesigned workflowA completely redesigned workflow

 LMS Imagine.Lab Sysdm (available in 15.0.1)

  • Capability to control the lifecycle of user defined structure
  • Customization of collection and elements structure
  • Role-based access control reviewed for smoother usability and more precise work
  • Rework of server connectivity (single client installed, multi-user usage, multi-server connectivity)
  • Syndication system reviewed including more structure and information

customize simulation data management to your own needscustomize simulation data management to your own needs

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