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How to create the same graphs for each batch run on a seperate page in the plot manager?

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Q: Is there is any easy way to create the same graphs for each batch run on a seperate page in the plotmanager?

For example, if you have a set of time data plots that you'd like to repeat for all your batch runs (so no overlay of all runs on 1 plot, but the same set of plots for each run on a seperate page).



A: The "Result Set" information is not known by the Plot manager and it considers each result set as a distinct variable. But you can setup such a plot manually and store it in your model.

First option is from Simcenter Amesim interface.

1. Plot the variable you want as usual - but making sure you are pointing to a specific result set - not 'ref':


amesim batch


2. Then create new pages (or new plot area) in your plot window, change the "Result Set" from the Variable view and add the same variable to other pages/plots:

amesim result set


3. Finally  add the plot to your system so you don't have to redo it every time.

To recall your plot, select it from the plot toolbar in Amesim:

amesim batch system plotamesim plot manager



The second option would be to use the scripting APIs (Python, Matlab, VBA or C++). There, the Result Set information becomes an input parameter of the result retrieving functions.