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Tighten up 3D CAD model and simulation system

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Siemens Visionary

CAD Import is a powerful tool to bridge the gap between physical and 3D modeling

CAD Import completes our model-based development software offer for analyzing and optimizing the performance and behavior of smart systems.

One key stage to merge 3D CAD modeling with simulation system is the capability to assign a meaning to a general 3D CAD body in real life. Most of the time these information are missing in 3D CAD file. So you can associate what we call a primitive to a 3D body in CAD Import, that’s to say what represents the 3D object in real system.

In Simcenter Amesim 16 we have made major improvements on CAD Import; not only on supporting new physical domains and applications but on providing easy-to use tools to perform the sketch generation process or retrieve relevant parameters from CAD geometry.

Thermal fluid application

For fluid system it is required to extract the internal volume. The CAD Import environment allows to create easily the internal fluid domain as a 3D solid body. You can then process this body and generate the model from it.

fillVolume.gifFill volume

When dealing with heat exchange in between the fluid and the material, it is important to get the region of contact. Selection options allow to get detailed surface area faster.

facesSelection.pngFaces selection

Pump design

For creating a system-level simulation model of a pump that takes into account physic phenomena, it is needed to take into account the design of the pump components such as the carter, the rotor, the stator and other mechanism parts to move the fluid. In the 3D CAD, the pump is then defined as an assembly of components.

CAD Import provides you the possibility to assign a primitive to a 3D assembly, that is to say a primitive that embodies many 3D CAD bodies. For instance, the vane pump primitive embodies the stator, the rotor, the vanes, and the suction and the discharge volumes from the carter as well.

pumpAssembly.pngPump assembly

When a design change occurs and modifies the shape of the suction and/or discharge area, it is possible to create a discretization of the contour of the areas and get its shape through a list of point coordinates as a measure. This kind of measure can be then pasted directly in the Table Editor to create a data file.

contour.gifContour measurement

MultiBody system simulation


CAD Import allows to retrieve automatically the mass, the center of gravity, and the moment of inertia of bodies.

For each body you can define as many linkage points as you need to set the constraints. You can then specify what you take into account in your model.

boomCAD.pngBody primitive

Then select the type of linkage between two primitive bodies in the connection parameters.

connectionLinkage.pngLinkage definition

The motion of your system is then completely defined when generating the model.

Crankshaft vibration analysis

In this application, it is needed to compute stiffness of a solid material. You can then create a material database that includes the mandatory mechanical properties for the computation.


materialDatabase.pngMaterial database

At model generation, the stiffness and the damping between two inertias are completely set-up.

CAD Import improves your design workflow

CAD Import is a feature that addresses system simulation engineers’ needs. It provides you a set of toolboxes that is dedicated to the applications you are interested in.

It then allows you to improve your design workflow and unify the way of modeling systems among your team members.

About the author

Jerome Guillemin is Product Manager for the Simcenter Amesim platform, working within the infrastructure product management team. His activities center around improving the pre- and post-processing tools in Simcenter Amesim (Plot, Dashboard, Animation, App Designer, CAD Import …). He has been a part of the product management team for the Simcenter Amesim platform since 2014, and has a strong background thanks to his contribution in Engineering Services for 9 years.