What is the fastest way to increase your system simulation skills?

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As an engineer using Simcenter system simulation solutions, you are forced to continually improve your system simulation skills. Think about all the functionalities included in Simcenter Amesim software. You have access to more than 40 libraries in different physical domains, starting from elementary physics up to application oriented components.  You are doing simulations in time and frequency domains. You are performing system optimization with more than thousands of runs in parallel. But are you aware of all the pre- and post-processing features, like the dashboard, the 3D animation and all the apps?


The first time a user opens Simcenter system simulation solutions, he is enthusiastic to discover all the features of this new software. But over time, I sometimes see users which are stuck with their system simulation skills because of their daily work. So I’m wondering, what can be done to inspire them? To make them learn something new?


I will give you the best indication to increase your Simcenter system simulation solutions skills in a couple of hours. Just think about the last time you learned something really fast. Think about a sport, or playing an instrument, or maybe also playing a computer game. What was different this time? Could you imagine?


I can tell you: you enjoyed it! You had fun, you were passionate!


I know that the life of a system simulation engineer is hard. You have to spend hours looking for the right parameters, finding correlations between measurements and simulation results. You also have to study complete new physical domains. Some of you may enjoy it, too. But I can increase the level of fun. Trust me!


In July 2016, LMS Imagine.Lab 15 was released, with a lot of new features. I was really interested in the 3D mechanical library new functionalities, including the new contact models. Some of you know that it is not the easiest library. But until this date, I really had no clue how to use it. So, what did I do to learn more about this library in a funny way? The answer is easy: I have built a bowling game in Simcenter Amesim software.


LMS_ImagineLab_Amesim_Bowling.jpgLMS Imagine.Lab Amesim Bowling Simulation Model

Indeed, I decided to connect different bodies of balls and pins together by using new contact components of the 3D mechanical library. I had to take care about the positioning and the sizes of the bodies, regarding the bowling standards. I also learned a lot regarding app programming by creating my own bowling shot generator. This generator is producing randomly values for ball positioning, spin and force. So, you can have a match with your friends and colleagues. Who will be the bowling winner?


But, what happens if I did something wrong? I did not care as I learned a lot from this exercise: to manage my simulation model, the documentation and everything else in Simcenter Sysdm software. So, if there is a mistake, I could go back in the version history and start again without losing time, while maintaining a full traceability. I did the app programming and the modelling in parallel working branches, and at the end I merged it. That was really amazing!


LMS_ImagineLab_Sysdm_Bowling.jpgLMS Imagine.Lab Sysdm Bowling Model Management

And by the way, the nice 3D geometries you can see in the 3D animation of Simcenter Amesim software were done in Siemens NX. So now, I am a design engineer too!


You can find attached to this article the result of my work. Feel free to open it, and to play around with my model. I would also be glad if you could give me a feedback on what could be done better. You are the Simcenter Simulation and Testing solutions community, and you can help me to learn more about system simulation. Did you ever model your own game in Simcenter Amesim? Or something nice that you would like to share with the community?


At the end, let me give you a hint: start playing around, do things you enjoy and take the risk to make some mistakes. That is the fastest way to increase your Simcenter system simulation skills.




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Siemens Genius

Hi @MISEme

This is a great model.

Any hints on the right parametrization to make a strike? Smiley Wink


Kind regards

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Siemens Theorist

Hi @Domi


Thank you! But to be honest: I am also looking for the best parametrization to do a strike right now and I did not find it yet. Smiley Happy That is the aim of the model to find it out. I would be intressted who will be the first to do a strike in the model. Maybe you also have to adapt the Bowling Shot Generator or you have to change something in the model. Who knows...Smiley Wink





Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius



I did some parameter studies and found out some parameterization allowing to make a strike 🎳

(view in My Videos)

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Siemens Theorist

Hi @Domi,


You are a crazy guy! Smiley Wink Good job! Now you have to validate it in real life.