Compare Tool with gp inside a SC



I have 2 systems:

one has all the submodels in the ame file (no SC)

the other has all the submodels in a SC


The first one is "piloted" by a serie of gp

The second one is also piloted by the same serie of gp, but included in the SC


If I compare the results of both system, I have a light deviation

I want to know where it comes from, since they described exactly the same system


I tried to use the compare tool betwenn first circuit and the SC, but:

1. on the SC the parameters are refering to the "raw" SC, meaning before it has been configured for my system

2. Although 2 values are the same for same gp-Title, the tool displays those values in blue (for instance my_gp_1 has value 0 for reference and value 0.00e0 for analyzed)


Is there a way to compare properly all my parameters in both systems?


Still working on V15





Re: Compare Tool with gp inside a SC

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Hi @mAx,


There is a manual way to "depack" a SC. In your model using a supercomponent, open the supercomponent, CTRL+A to select all and CTRL+C. Go in Sketch mode, and CTRL+V. It should ask you to create global parameters, say yes.

Now you should have a clean model without SC and with model gp.

Not sure it will help for the Compare exercise but it's worth trying. You can also compare the behavior of this model with the other two.


Re: Compare Tool with gp inside a SC

Good Morning @Emmanuel_D,
I did what you proposed, and then it makes it easier to compare one to one.
I could found the difference, but cannot explain myself what was the problem
Anyway I got it
Thank you