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Dear all,


I'm trying to simulate a cooler for my hydraulic system.


The fluid does not always go through the cooler, only when the temperature is too high. There are some pipes in the cooler, they can cooling the fluid because of convection. My goal is to find the best cooling strategy, I may need to control the air velocity, the length and the diameter of the pipe. 



But I didn't find the best item for the cooler, do you have any ideas?




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Siemens Creator

Hi Wendong,

You can find numerous valves in the Thermal Hydraulic library. Concerning the heat exchangers, several possibilities are available in the Cooling System, Thermal Hydraulic and HEAT libraries. For example you could start with half heat exchanger (based on a Thermal Hydraulic and a Pneumatic part).

HHX_example.pngHHX example





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I hope you doing well . i read your Discussion . I have some question about this . As per your forum you simulate a cooler for with hydraulic system .Is it possbile to prefabricated ducts or cooling system ?


Please give me proper soluution



Thank you

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Siemens Genius

Hi Greencon,


You can model you cooling system or a prefabricted ducts with a half heat exchanger using few geometrical parameters such as the cross-sectional area and the hydraulic diameter. The type of fluid you use will guide you to the proper Amesim library. Note that a bend with heat exchange is also available.


If you have any other specific question on your system, I invite you to open a dedicated topic to discuss about it.