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I'm creating the thermodynamic model of an electric motor. I have some issues with the cooling jacket.

Could you help me which element to use or how can I build this system up?

The internal motor parts transfer the generated heat to the wall of cooling jacket, then the wall passes to the water flow. The water circulates in the external cooling circuit and go through and radiator. The radiator is cooled with a fan.  We know the mass flow rate of water inlet, properties of cooling jacket (material,mass,convective heat exchange are, wall thickness,etc.), we measure the inlet and outlet temperature. 

I would like to create a simple model which can give me back the almost real temperature conditions. Critical point is the heat source-wall-water heat transfer.

Please find the attachment below.


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Hello Levente,


I guess, you could start from the example enclosed (it is for an electric train, but the principle is the same).


demo train elec cooling.png