Error in license file


Hi Everyone!


I tried to open my AMESim 16 and got the RLM error -17 you can see on the attached file. I borrow my license from one of my colleague. Yesterday I hadn't got any problem yet.


Thanks for your help.




Re: Error in license file

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Hi @LeventeB,


I take it that you have followed the guideline for roaming.

A pdf is available in Amesim installation folder:



I copy paste the text content here:

1• Make sure that you are connected to the network. In order to check the connection between
the server and your local machine, use the ping command in a DOS console:
ping servername
2• Create a system environment variable named RLM_ROAM, and set its value to the number of
days you want the roaming to be active (for example, RLM_ROAM=3 for 3 days). Note that the
maximum number of allowed roaming days is 32.

3• Start Simcenter Amesim and check the version that you have started:
4• For simplicity, we suggest to create a copy of your model that includes ALL libraries that
you plan to re-use offline during the roaming period, and store it in a folder named
Models\Roaming_model for example.

5• Open the model and run it. Stop the run before the end if the run is to be very long.

6• Close Simcenter Amesim.

7• Remove the RLM_ROAM environment variable.

8• Disconnect from the network.
9• At that stage, the roaming period has started, you can use Simcenter Amesim offline.



It's important to run a model which will consume the libraries you are roaming (steps 3/4/5).



Re: Error in license file


Hi @Emmanuel_D,


I checked the connection and created a 5 days variable the way like you said, but I still can't start the Amesim v16.

Before the problem appered, we used one license file alternately. When I used he couldn't and vica versa. He is the host.

Please find the attached files.


I'm waiting for your answer.


Best regards,



Re: Error in license file




My problem has been solved. The solution:

I use one of my colleague server license. The LMS license system variable is fixed on my PC and everytime when my colleague was restarted his computer, the server port was changed and I couldn't connect to the old port.

In this case, you have to fix the port on the server computer.