How to reduce model file size

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My Amesim model file is too large like 1GB~.

I don't know which part of model is big. 

How should I reduce the size or save model?


Re: How to reduce model file size

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An Amesim file (*.ame) is a compressed archive that contains the model, the simulation results, and other files. Usually, the file containing the simulation results has the larges size. There are several ways to deal with this:


  1. If you are not interested in keeping the results, knowing that you can obtain them anytime just running the simulation again, you can consider the purge option, as shown below. This will delete the simulation results and other accessory files reducing the overall size of the Amesim file. Please, note that in order to purge successfully an Amesim file, it must be closed when you perform this operation.2018-08-31_09h48_32.pngPurge option


  2. If you want to keep your results, but you do not want to include them in the Amesim file in order to reduce its size, please consider using the Experiment view. This tool gives you the option to save experiments (set of parameters and results of a model) as a link, i.e. as a separate file not embedded in the Amesim model. 2018-08-31_10h01_37.pngExperiment view option



  3. You can also decide to save just the most meaningful variables computed by the model using the saving strategy option. You can promote the variables that you want to store as watch variables and choose to save only these ones in the saving strategy dialog window as shown below.2018-08-31_09h54_01.pngSaving strategy option

    2018-08-31_09h57_35.pngSave only watch variables I hope it helps,