Vibration Analysis using Amesim




I am trying to model and simulate the problem in the attached example. As I am relatively new to using Amesim, I am confused about what components from the PLM library to use to model the beam. How to attach the springs at the ends as shown? How to define the position of the pivot along the length of the beam?

Any help would be much appreciated. I have also attached the numerical solution of the problem.Thank you.





PS. I am able to model the beam with pivot. I don't know how to attach the spring and damper. Attached is the image for this too. I am not sure if that's right. Please help.


Re: Vibration Analysis using Amesim

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Hi @Shashank93,


In order to represent the spring and damper, you have to use 1D components thanks to 1D to 2D connectors.


So your model will look like this:



I attach the model (you will need Amesim 15.2) and comparison with the analytical solution:


Re: Vibration Analysis using Amesim


Hello @Emmanuel_D,


Thank you for providing the solution. The model that you provided helped me better understand the modeling concepts of the PLM Library.