ame_lic_init failed

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Dear all,

      When I used the traning license for Amesim 2019.1, The software started successfully,but when running a demo,

it said:"ame_lic_init failed:The licnesing subsystem in not initialized.Please check that the LMSLicnesDll can be found

Initialization failed"

Could someone tell me how to solved this issue?




Re: ame_lic_init failed

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Siemens Phenom
Hello, check that your environment variables are set properly. This should be done automatically during installation of Amesim. You need an environment variable %AME% which points to the installation directory and PATH should also include %AME%\win64 (where that 'missing' dll should be) but also %AME%, %AME%\win32...
If that is not the case, please reinstall Amesim with Administrator rights. If that still fails please get in touch with the person who gave you the training license.