vibration analyzes in Amesim


Hi, I would like to know if someone has experience with vibration analyzes of an electrical drive train in Amesim. What possibilities are available and what would be the most efficient one. I know that vibration analyses are mostly done in a 3D environment like Virtual.Lab. But I know that Amesim has 1D/3D CAE tools.


Information about the setup: Induction machine with squirrel cage connected with a coupling and gearbox. Like you can see in the picture.


Thanks in advance!


Re: vibration analyzes in Amesim

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Hi @SvenDeMunck,

I don't have specific experience with the application but, yes, there are a number of vibration analyzes you can do with Amesim. Usually torsional vibration but that's not a restriction, it all depends on the comlexity of your model.

For electric machine vibration you can have a look at the demo named 17_PMSM_high_frequency.ame (Help/Get Amesim demo...). Don't forget to read the html of that demo.



For torsional vibration also check the demo portal, from Help/Amesim demo help

Navigate to Platform/Analysis Tools and under Linear Analysis and Spectral maps sections you will find interesting demos.