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Expanded additive manufacturing tools in NX 12 for manufacturing

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

In this video you'll hear about the new additive manufacturing tools in NX 12 for manufacturing.  Let us know what you think in the Comment section below.



Additional Information:


Watch our NX 12 video then click over to the NX Manufacturing blog to read "What's New in NX 12 for manufacturing"


Check out our Tech Tips Knowledge Base to watch videos demonstrating the new capabilities in NX 12 "What's new in NX 12 for your industry"


NX 12 press release:  Siemens' latest version of NX expands toolset for digitalizing the machine shop

Solution Partner Dreamer

NX 12 support for additive manufacturing of plastics is a big step for all Auto, Aero and Manufacturng customers. We are excited to receive this product. Kudos to NX team!