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NX CAM 9: Faster CNC programming for setups with multiple parts

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The new multiple-part programming capability in NX CAM 9 delivers faster programming for setups with multiple parts. For example, our studies conservatively estimate a 4X productivity improvement in programming time for a setup with 6 identical parts. Tweaking of reused machining sequences due to accessibility and clearance issues (easily visible in the context of the complete setup) is done on an as-needed basis.


To setup the job, quickly assemble the fixtures and workpieces into a machining setup using the integrated CAD tools in NX CAM. Define the complete machining sequences for one workpiece and then distribute the sequences to the other workpieces in the setup. The system uses the CAD assembly information to automatically transform tool paths to match the position and orientation of the target workpieces. Associative relationships ensure that changes to parent tool paths update automatically on dependent workpieces.


About the Presenter

Holder.jpg Derek has been focused on PLM CAM software, in one way or another, since 1992, which sounds like a very long time. He's written posts, done implementation and training, served as a product manager, and as a marketer. It has all been fun - he's met a lot of interesting people and seen a lot of interesting machine shops.


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