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Video: NX 11 for Manufacturing Overview

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

New manufacturing software technologies in NX 11 for Manufacturing can dramatically improve productivity and create new opportunities to transform your business. The robotics machining and groundbreaking hybrid additive manufacturing capabilities let you produce completely new parts with better performance, while delivering tremendous savings. With Line Designer’s point cloud updates you can design and visualize layouts of production lines more quickly and associate the production layout design to manufacturing planning. New advanced NC programing capabilities for molds and dies, prismatic components, and complex-geometry parts enable efficient programing, while reducing machining cycle and improving parts’ quality.  The complete video transcript is below.


Watch this video about the new capabilities of NX 11 for Manufacturing.

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Video transcript:

NX for Manufacturing – Digitalize your machine shop

  • Transform your production with new, innovative technologies.
  • Expand manufacturing automation with robotic machining.
  • Design accurate production layouts using scanned cloud data.

NX CAM: 1) Program 60 percent faster with the latest hole making methods; 2) Machine high quality molds using optimized methods for each region; 3) Visualize cutting parameters of complex 5-axis operations.; 4) Create associative work instructions for the shop floor.

NX CMM Inspection Programming: 1) Inspect parts three times faster with head touches; 2) Visualize inspection results on the 3D model.

NX Tooling Design: 1) Easily manage mold/die bills of material; 2) Re-use library components to speed up tooling design.

Siemens Theorist Siemens Theorist
Siemens Theorist

Excellent summary video!

I do have a couple of small suggestions:

1. One of the major differentiators against all CAM centric vendors is the fact that NX CAM toolpaths are collision checked against the actual G-Code. All other CAM systems can only collision check against their own CLFile, so if there is an error in their post-processor a collision on the machine may still take place. They hide this fact with their graphics virtual machine simulation and if asked they will mention it is not required. The alternative for customers is to invest US$25-30K in a package such as Vericut from CGTech on top of the CAM system.

2. In any part manufactring video it is always key to quickly show the G-Code on the screen immediately after the machine tool simulation. That is the language the machinists understand.

So to conclude, when showing the machine simulation and showing the G-Code, stating NX CAM Toolpaths are collision checked against G-Code would be very nice. It is just a couple of seconds and can make a difference in setting us apart.

Again, great video. Thanks!



As a long time user, I am pretty sure that NX tool paths are NOT collision checked against G-code. Think about it. You can do simulation without ever posting a toolpath. (creating g-code)

Siemens Phenom

Dear Rock,

maybe I misunderstood your comment, but like to point out that NX CAM ISV module is designed to simulate posted NC Code. The NC code can be of any source like from an CAM operation or also external NC Code. The install comes with multiple examples different machine tool and different controls to show these capabilities. See mach/samples/installed_machines. Here one example.









Great. I was only aware of the internal verification. Thanks.