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2 Corporate Servers for Single Environment

Hello Team,


I have already worked on the multiple pool configurations (Load Balancing), also worked on multiple web application servers for same Environment.


But now very interesting thing i want to learn is,

can we configure multiple corporate server for same Environment? what will be the advantages of it? 

in that case, Do i need to go for two separate deployment each time? because each corporate server will have two separate "TcDATA" folders in which we have model folder which has current status of database.



Re: 2 Corporate Servers for Single Environment

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

You can have as many Corporate Servers for a particular environment. Usually you keep one of them as primary, the others act as secondary corporate servers. As a best practice, you usually have TC_DATA in a shared access where multiple corporate servers point to the same TC_DATA. This helps in easy maintenance and fool proof way to possible remove any mistakes. 



Re: 2 Corporate Servers for Single Environment

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
@SRaj made a good point if the number of servers are low (e.g. 1-3) but what if you have more (e.g. 4-9)? The number of servers needing access to the same TC_DATA can lead to timeout issues as many servers fight for file contention.

Another best practice is to maintain your "primary" corporate server (and TC_DATA) and copy it to the "secondary" corporate servers. Updates are made to the primary via TEM then TC_DATA is mirrored (using robocopy) to the secondary servers as a post task. Easy peasy.

Remember, each corporate server (server manager) needs a transient volume. While you can have only one default transient volume, you can have lots of transient volumes. Keeping the locations (path) the same on each server helps.

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