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2 tier client install after enabled Active workspace



I have activated Active Workspace 3.1.2 in our system and today I wanted to install a 2 tier client.

During the tem setup it requiere me to add some addons like SolidWorks integration, Issue Management etc.

All of them I have a template for or are in the Tem Featueres list to select.

... but when it comes to Active Workspace I don't have that.


Can't find any template in the AW setup or find in the documentation how it shall be managed.

How shall I to get the Active Workspace features in my TEM setup?



Accepted by topic author jormah
‎10-26-2016 09:21 AM

Re: 2 tier client install after enabled Active workspace

... as always sometimes it's good to write to get your mind in place.


What I did was to reuse an old production server were I had uninstalled the configuration.

Here I didn't got the possibillity to add file locations.


So when I launched TEM from the 10.1.6 patch I could add the Active workspace location and it now shows up nicely in the Featueres list.


My mistake, sorry!