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4-Tier Silent Client install


I have been looking for some help with getting silent install of a 4-Tier Client to install.

I created the setup.xml and using the "tem.bat -s setup.xml" to try and get it installed.


goes for about 3 minutes and fails.

"The disk is full or a file is in use and could not be replaced. Check that all files are closed and retry.

Partial output of unzip follows...

error: cannot create D:\Siemens\Teamcenter11\portal/plugins/com.teamcenter.rac.common_11000.2.0.jar

error: cannot create D:\Siemens\Teamcenter11\portal/plugins/com.teamcenter.rac.external_11000.2.0/jacorb.jar

operation failed

Exit Status: -1



I made sure I had full control permissions on the install folder and i do.



Re: 4-Tier Silent Client install

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Looks like you might have an FCC already running. FCC continues to run for 8 hours after closing Teamcenter so make sure you don't have java.exe running as a background process. Open Task Manager and look for a java.exe, End Task. Then try your silent install again. This assumes that you already have Teamcenter installed on this machine, maybe for another environment or client feature set.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11.0.1.mp01 | SW 2016 | TcUA 11.2.3
Evaluating:AW 3.2

Re: 4-Tier Silent Client install



Thanks for the reply, giving me something to look at.


FCC not running

no background java running.

Teamcenter hasnt been installed on this desktop before.


The installation also failed to install manually so I may have a different problem. It failed at the same spot it looks like.

Re: 4-Tier Silent Client install




I got it working now both manually and silent. Cause Anti-virus. disable it and worked fine. It looks like our security team has made some changes when software gets installed. I will have to get that straight with them before pushing it out to multiple machines later.