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ACL about object base ACL and projects ACL

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Recently I learnt projects ACL. But it is similar to the object base ACL(directly configure specific ACL on specific object).

What is the difference of projects ACL and Object base ACL?


In my understanding, 

As for the object base ACL, Administrator has to configure the ACL based on user requirement every time. But as for the projects ACL, once Administrator configures the projects ACL, user just can continue to use the project ACL.


Is this correct?

And is there any differences in terms of the performance?


Re: ACL about object base ACL and projects ACL

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Solution Partner Phenom



You are right about the difference between object ACL privileges and System ACL privileges.


To me, ACLs should generic and not fine grained to the level of object ACLs.

In past, I did use object ACLs for objects which cannot be statused /vaulted and require highest level of access control.


Complex ACL tree (read it as: bad ACL tree implementation) does have bearing on teamcenter performance.