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AWC 4.0 Internal Server Error when opening Change Requests


Hello all,

currently we have a problem using AWC 4.0 (TC11.3.0) - when searching for Engineering Change Requests using the Search, the following errors appear:

"The server encountered an error." 


After using the Advanced Search - the Engineering Change Request is visible. When clicking it the following error appears and the tcserver on AWC process fails:

500 Internal Server Error Communication with Teamcenter server was lost while an operation was in progress. The server has probably terminated abnormally.


The AWC Session needs to be reloaded/refreshed and we must logon again.


Syslogs say the following:

ERROR - 2019/04/15-18:01:47.661 UTC - :bjgkgybx19-1555351307249.Mux.Svr - 1020190: error_1020190

ERROR - 2019/04/15-18:01:47.661 UTC - :bjgkgybx19-1555351307249.Mux.Svr - Could not find function <PROPDESC_get_lov_attachment_category> - at D:\workdir\tc113w0509_64\src\core\ss\ss_prinfo.cxx(1382)

Successfully loaded dynamic module C:\tc\tc_server\tc11\bin\libepm.dll

More than 200 errors on the error stack, so I'm clearing it back to zero.  Top error was        ERROR  1700

More than 200 errors on the error stack, so I'm clearing it back to zero.  Top error was PROTECT MARK103073 Error protect mark 103073 for D:\workdir\tc113w0509_64\src\core\tc\preferences_itk.cxx at line 1023


Any clue about error_1020190 and ERROR 1700 and the Could not find function PROPDESC_get_lov_attachment_category?


We already cleared the cache, temp files, restarted the services, regenerated client & server cache, recreated the Indexer, redeployed the AWC war file – as those were some suggestions from this post – but none of the solutions worked. Any "secret" cache or temp locations there we forgot?


Rich client & deprecated webclient work. We can open the ECR normally.


Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!