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AWS : Workflow and Imapact Analysis

I am sorry to post  many questions.


I have two questions.

Do you know how to use the workflow in AWS?

My problem is that the command to initiate WF does not appear on the UI. So I cannot see the submit command.To display the submit command for workflow, Do I have to do some configuration to use workflow command?



②currently I cannot use impact analysis on AWS.  When I click on the impact analysis menu, the message displayed and it says that "Currently Impact analysis is not supported". 

Do you know how to configure impact analysis?



Version information

 TC   : 11.2.3 

AWC:  3.2 


Re: AWS : Workflow and Imapact Analysis



As far as I know you have to install aditinal features from TEM. (Let me know, if you need help with this.)

In the Features view select the following ones:

- Base Install

    - Active Workspace

        - Client

            + Workflow

            ? Relationship Browser (in this one I'm not sure)


As far as I know once you install the Workflow feature the "Submit to workflow" command is going to apper in the tools pannel (right side of youre screen) once you select an ItemRevision. (not an Item).


In some cases even if the Workflow feature is installed you won't see the Submit to workflow command.

In this case you have to check two thigs:

    - Is this command added to the stylesheet used for you particular item in AWC?

    - Are the conditions meet for this command? In BMIDE check the following condition Awp0NewWorkflowProcessCmdCond.

    - In some cases you might have to check the commandCollections as well.

    - etc.






Software Engineer

Re: AWS : Workflow and Imapact Analysis

I forgot to mention, that you have to install the corresponding feature from the Server side as well:
- Base Install -> Active Workspace -> Server Extensions -> Workflow
-> Relationship Viewer
Software Engineer