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About I M A N based on

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am using "I M A N Based on" betweeon two obecjt. But now I try to change the relation to custom relaetion. 

I heard the relation can use same type object.  


So I think I always use custome relation instead of "I M AN based on", considering the expand of the exsisting system.


But what is the benefit of using "I M A N BASED ON"?

What is the feature of the relation?
What is the disadvanateg of using I M A N BASED ON?


I could not fond any answer about my question when I read the references.



Re: About I M A N based on


Relation IMAN_based_on is created when we make a save as, revise or copy of an item revision.

It's a Teamcenter standard relation (OOTB) and I haven't touched it.

It's also a relation we never assign in our environment from user side.


Benefits, well the only thing I use it for is to see were the item revision comes from if there are some issues with an created item. Maybe it's used in some modules which we don't work with were there are some other useful functionality.


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Re: About I M A N based on

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you so much.

I can understand it.