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Access Manager Accessors 'Project Team' vs. 'Project Teams'

Is someone able to provide a clear destinction between the AM Accessor Types 'Project Team' and 'Project Teams'?  What are the use cases for using one or the other?


The AM documentation says, regarding Accessors, that the Project Team "Evaluates to true if the current logged-on user is an active group member in a project team to which the object is assigned." and the Project Teams "Team members (active group members) in any active project for the object."


So, the ONLY difference in AM evaluation is whether or not the user currently has selected the Group in their session?  Is that really the difference?



Re: Access Manager Accessors 'Project Team' vs. 'Project Teams'

When you use Project Team you must also select the project you want to address to in the ACL.
When Project Teams is used it means it address the current project/s members from the object. If this object is assigned to 2 projects this means 2 project teams are addressed by this ACL row.

Re: Access Manager Accessors 'Project Team' vs. 'Project Teams'

Thank you for the response.  You are implying that the user's selection of a Project in the session has no bearing on their access when these Accessor Types apply?  Is that correct?


For example, if the user is assigned to Project A, Project B, & Project C and in the session, the user has selected Project A, just like selecting the session's Group and Role.


And if the object is assigned to Project B & Project C.


Whether the Rule Tree grants read access using Project Team (explicitly to Project B) or Project Teams, the user will be able to read the object.  Again, regardless of what Project is selected in the session?


Is that correct?

Re: Access Manager Accessors 'Project Team' vs. 'Project Teams'

Correct. The project in the session is used to auto assign newly created objects to the project selected in the session.
The auto assign to project is done via bmide extension configuration.