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Access issues in Teamcenter after Windows 2012 R2 Migration




Recently, We migrated our vault and Slave FSC Service to Windows 2012 R2 and we are having access issues to vault where in new files which gets created in vault having only read access due to whiich we are unable revise and download the file of revised revision,unless we give full access to files in vault, We have given full access to the vault and all the other servers to Everyone, Still we face issues on acccessing revised data.Can anyone help me in this regard 


Error Snap on Revise and Download is attached herewith.





Re: Access issues in Teamcenter after Windows 2012 R2 Migration

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It sounds like you might be using local accounts instead of a domain account for the FSC services. Local accounts usually don't have the same authority when writing to locations outside of their own server. I use the same domain account across all the FSC services to forestall access issues. But there are several other situations that could lead to the same errors you're seeing. It's best to review the TC_ROOT\fsc\FSC_<server>_<user>stdout.log for additional clues. For instance, maybe the transient volume cannot be reached or the FSCCache is stale. Maybe the volume was copied and the permissions need to be reset, etc.

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